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Independent Living Accommodation

Mount Carmel also provides independent living accommodation of the grounds of Mount Carmel.  These consist of 8 1-2 bedroom bungalows.  They all have a sitting room / kitchen area, bedroom and bathroom.

The bungalows with the PV panels on the roofs.
Pictured above Nancy, one of the tenants in the Bungalows.

All the bungalows have a small garden/yard to the rear and all the bungalow face onto a nice garden that can be seen in the pictures.

Tenants in the bungalows can avail of services provided by Mount Carmel such as meals and access to the day service.

Recently Mount Carmel undertook extensive works to put Photovoltaic (PV) Panels on all the bungalows. This reduces the heating and Hot water costs for the bungalows by the generation of electricity.


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This last week has been the most stressful in the history of Mount Carmel for our residents and staff. Despite taking every possible precaution Coronavirus found its way into the Home resulting in a number of staff and residents testing positive despite all having received the vaccination. As has always been the case the staff rallied round with many working additional shifts to cover for their absent colleagues. We were blessed to have the services of our nurse and Dr Ryan. The offers of help from former staff to return in our hour of need and from townspeople to help in any way they could did much to raise the spirits in Mount Carmel House. The board would like to wish all residents and staff that tested positive a speedy recovery and to thank the manager and his staff for their monumental effort especially in the last fortnight. Unfortunately, there is still a big battle ahead. The board would also like to thank the HSE and HIQA for their great support and the caterers and agency staff who also gave us great assistance this month.